Patient Forms - CryoRecovery Savannah, Georgia
Standing in a freezing chamber may seem like an unlikely path to health and healing, but whole body cryotherapy (WBC) has become increasingly popular because it works. And CryoRecovery Savannah offers the most advanced techniques available.
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Patient Forms

patient forms, cryotherapy savannah

New Patient Forms

To save time on your first visit, please download and print the new patient forms below. Fill them out and bring them with you to your first appointment. If you are unable to do so, please plan on arriving about 15 minutes early.


Click here to download the patient forms.

patient forms, cryotherapy savannah

Consent Form

Before you can begin your first CryoRecovery session, you will need to download and print our consent form. Please read it carefully, fill out the information, and bring it in with you to your first session.


Click here to download the form.